Part of the North Star Shipping Group


North Star Renewables will be committing to and delivering a new fleet of SOV’s to meet the evolving demand of Offshore Wind O&M operations.

A purpose built fleet in response to the market growth and changes in O&M strategy. Acknowledging the need for bespoke vessel design that integrates innovative technology, underlined by over thirty years of experience offshore. North Star have the strengths, qualities and best practices to deliver your personnel, services and cargo offshore, safely.


We are committed to maintaining a safety process which actively involves all employees in identifying, preventing and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries.


We retain on contract over 1,000 in-house seagoing staff. Our North Star Cadet Programme commits to supporting British Shipping, training in excess of 80 Deck and Engineering Cadets each year.


As a group, we’ve invested £350 million over the last 18 years in our vessels – ensuring class leading utilisation. With the exacting demands of Offshore Wind, our new-builds will continue this solid growth


With vessels placed in the North Sea and further afield, we provide support to over 50 offshore installations in the North West European Area (NWEA). This progression to support Offshore Wind will increase our presence across and beyond Europe.

Fully Jones act compliant, our vessels are ready for UK, European and American seas


Based on innovation, market research and customer feedback, NSR have developed a new SOV concept that is integral to efficient O&M.

With expertise in fleet management in the offshore sector and industry inputs learnt from evolution and existing Wind Farm projects, the North Star SOV’s become a precise solution to the management of logistics offshore, backed by the safe operations and technologies to transfer the specialist technicians.

Combined, this forms a complete service offering to the industry in-field and home port.

A Whole new SOV concept

Appraising the evolution of Walk-2-Work vessels and SOV’s deployed since 2013 for O&M duties, North Star Renewables have developed a precise solution to the long-term service support, tailored to the customers’ needs.

Understanding the work patterns of the O&M operations, the performance criteria and comfort at sea, has driven the efficiency in design – for technicians, deployment, logistics and the environment.

Seamless Logistics

Streamlining the logistics, project cargo handling, traceability and management to increase efficiency and safety, has opened the door to new methods and technologies.

  • Innovative loading
  • Improved handling and safety
  • Component traceability
  • Large protected warehouse
  • Climate controlled stores

Integrated Technology

With the stable, efficient and safe environment in-field that the next generation SOV provides, integrating other service and inspection services becomes logical. With drone operations, service, and launch / recovery integrated, it allows the client to increase the deployment of mission equipment from a single asset.

Personnel Transfer ability via gangway is complimented with the next generation of Offshore Wind daughter craft for NSR.

  • Dedicated landing area for operation of drone
  • Drone control room, hanger and workshop
  • Option LR of Inspection class sub-sea ROV
  • A new breed of daughter crafts

Comfort, Health and Wellbeing

With the ambition to have customers personnel and crew leave the SOV healthier than when boarding, the North Star Renewables SOV will provide new levels of comfort and wellbeing on board.

  • Large aspect windows and an abundance of natural light
  • Excellent healthy food choices – in comfortable surroundings
  • State of the art Gym facilities and relaxation facilities
  • Common areas and interactivity of all encouraged
  • Specialist personnel – trained in wellness management and health

Our Team

With decades of experience in owning, operating and managing a varied fleet of vessels across the offshore spectrum that is underlined by the understanding of the offshore wind O&M requirements, North Star Renewables has skills, knowledge and passion to ensure your personnel and equipment perform daily, and return home safely.

The safest way to get to work. And home again.

As an organisation that has grown with the British shipping industry and UK growth offshore over the decades, we remain committed to the British Shipping Industry. Whether through the UK Supply Chain and shore based services, or through the training for the future with a long term training commitment for young Officer entrants into all disciplines of Merchant Navy Operations.

We take your safety in our hands as the prime focus of our services, performance and daily operations.